Zeynep Adıgüzel

As a former pharmacology student who switched to psychology in undergrad and now a first year MA student in psychology, has been in love with psychology and always will be. Lately enjoys contemplating about how and why people think about their past experiences that might have turned out differently. Not only interested in how we construct our past, but also amazed by the idea that thinking about the future might be dependent on how we think about the past. Even the term “mental time travel” excites her and hopes that the Doctor will be proud. Spent years in language labs as an undergraduate and now interested in research on how memory and language can come to play together.


Bihter Akyol

I am a PhD candidate in Psychology. My main area of interest is number perception, and I am especially curious about how/if a number sense independent of continuous magnitudes (such as area, density, convex hull) exists. In my spare time, I like to read short stories (especially sci-fi), learn about programming and statistics, and I recently developed a curiosity towards farming. These cool things aside, I also spend a lot of time doing useless and unproductive things (e.g., binge watching tv shows or youtube videos).

Demet Ay

In the third year of my Ph.D., I have two ongoing projects, and I am on the way of proposing my dissertation. My research interests range from the theoretical explanations of reminiscence bump to the adaptive memory. I am trying to touch different constructs of memory though I aim to focus on autobiographical memory for my thesis. I am also interested in future thinking and its functions, and my next dream is to find an opportunity to work as a lifelong researcher in my own research center. As you may notice, dreaming is among my hobbies 🙂

Ezgi Bilgin

Since I came across with Marcel Proust’s  masterpiece Remembrance of Things Past: Swann’s Way, I have an everlasting curiosity about memory. Especially the question of how memories undergo a change captivates me. I believe concepts can be comprehended if only they are considered along with their opposites. When it comes to memory, this belief requires the investigation of remembering alongside forgetting. As such, I am interested in the underlying mechanisms of forgetting. As a second-year master student in psychology, I currently study language-dependent recall in the fictional stories, investigating the interplay between memory and language. Additionally, I study the relationship between collective memories and nostalgia. In the long term, I want to examine how technology affects memory functions. Other than the academic pursuit, I love reading and writing literary analysis.


Selin Buse Coşkuner-Karabulut

Switched 3 majors (including medicine) in undergrad before finally falling in love with psychology. Thrilled about the idea of producing knowledge, thus, decided to pursue an academic career. Thinks that understanding memory has to do with everything else involving the mind. Loves neuroscience and wishes to work with brains. Just became a PhD candidate as a fourth year PhD Student. Currently working on several projects about autobiogrpahical memory, future thinking, and survival processing. While off the clock she is a musical lover; sings, dances, and acts, likes watching others perform too. Completed the part-time conservatory education in piano, still likes to play whenever she gets the chance. Recently began learning to play the ukulele. Also very enthusiastic about fantasy role playing games (She had been a rogue, a druid/scientist/wizard, a priestess, a witch doctor dwelling in voodoo, a dwarven cook/shaman, and a living-statuesque warrior). More recently her table-top interests have spilled over to the digital world where she’s been a proud Champion of the Horde. Has been married to a wonderful man for over 2 years. Dreaming of her future days as a busy, accomplished scientist and a loving dog mom.

İrem Ergen

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Cognitive Psychology and very happy to be a part of the KURAM lab. I am fascinated by autobiographical memory—specifically involuntary autobiographical memories. I conducted studies investigating specific sensory cues that can elicit involuntary memories, specifically affective auditory cues. Other than involuntary memories, I am interested in false eyewitness memory and adaptive memory. In addition to these, in my doctoral thesis, I have plans to study open autobiographical memories on which individuals do not have closure and involuntary recall of these memories. Apart from psychology, I am in love with my dog, Lucy. I enjoy observing her impressive (and sometimes weird) reactions. I love traveling, music, horror books/movies (huge Stephen King fan!), and forensics.

Ayşenur Okan

I have a BA degree in Psychology from Bogazici University and am now a PhD student in the Neuroscience program at Koc University. My research interests lie in cognitive and neural mechanisms of self and identity, and how those mechanisms are affected in mental disorders. I currently study the underlying changes in autobiographical memory quality (i.e.: vantage point, belongingness, imagery) resulting from life-long exposure to chronic, traumatic and daily stressors as they relate to reward mechanisms, negative repetitive thinking and avoidance. I use behavioral and physiological measures in my research.


Aslı Yurtsever

I am a 3rd year MA student in cognitive psychology, lifelong Koç University and KURAM member. Currently finishing my thesis on inference-making of bilinguals. My research interests lie at the intersection of memory and language, including working memory, lexical organization, multilingualism, and executive functions. Off the clock, I aim to learn so many languages that are seldom useful for anything. I am a latin dancer, pianist, and secretly aspiring to be a travelling food blogger.

Dicle Çapan

I am a 4th year Ph.D. student in Psychology at Koç University. As a proud side-member of KURAM, I am mainly interested in how we monitor and control our cognitive processes – that we generally call as metacognition. I study metacognition with memory processes and under social influence. I also study whether we could enhance the efficiency in which we track our performance using gestures in developmentally diverse populations. When not working, I mostly eat chocolate, make plans for a short-escapade from the city, enjoy concerts, movies, and books.