Meldanur Çetin

I’m a senior student in Business and Psychology and it’s my second term working in KURAM. It’s been delightful for me to be a part of research in the lab since I discovered my interest in cognitive processes. I am also interested in cinema, outdoor sports and volunteering

Eda Demir

I am a freshman in psychology. I am interested in cognitive science and hope to dive into depths of it. KURAM is a perfect place to follow my greatest passion, which is learning. Besides psychology, I am  interested in sky watching and nature walking.


Berfin Eda Dal

I am Berfin Eda Dal. Senior psychology student at Medipol University. I am interested in Cognitive Psychology especially memory. This is why i wanted to join to KURAM. Besides that psychology i am interested in photography and swimming.

İbrahim Ethem Deveci

I am a senior student in Computer Engineering. I want to study cognitive science since I am interested in studying the philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence, and memory. I have not decided yet but there are several topics that I want to study, which are: decision making, mind-body relationship, consciousness, and the relation between memory and imagination. Besides, I like walking, doing martial arts, especially Aikido, and discussing the topics that I found fascinating with my friends. This is my 2nd year in KURAM and I am really enjoying being a part of this great team


Gülfem Dikici

I am a 3th year psychology student at Istanbul University. I am very impressed by the idea that it creates a subjective experience and life for each individual after consecutive moments, so I am excited about ​​trying to understand with cognitive functions such as memory, perception and personality. I hope I can develop new perspectives in KURAM!.

Aylin Erdoğan

I’m a senior psychology student. This will be my third semester in KURAM, and I’m very happy to be a part of this lab. Besides having an interest in human cognition, I love all animals, food, and music. You can spot me with my headphones on at any time of the day. Lastly, I can easily say I’m a person of few words. 🙂

Ülfet İpek Eral

I’m a junior psychology and archaeology & history of art student. I especially love cognitive courses thus I want to specialize in cognition and memory. This is my second year in KURAM and it has been and it is going to be a great experience. Besides that; I love animals and spending time with my cat, reading (mostly about art history), traveling and playing violin.

İrem Gençoğlu

I am currently in my 4th year at Koç University. I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in History. I am interested in cognitive science, clinical psychology, and memory. This is my second term in KURAM and I love the team and work we are doing here.

Sena Gezici

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language Education from Bilgi University with a minor in Psychology. The psychology courses I took as part of my minor were most influential for the development of my current research interests because they led me to the decision of changing my career path from education to psychology. Last year, I worked in Language and Communication Development Laboratory in various studies at Koç University. I am particularly interested in relations between language perception and production, and the relations between language and memory. This is my first year in KURAM Lab and I am very happy to be a part of this lab.

Deniz Gülyurt

I am a sophomore psychology student. I study it with passion, and for this reason I am working in KURAM to learn about more in this field. I want to continue studying neurocognition. Besides my academic interests, learning new languages, dancing and figure skating are my biggest hobbies. I am also addicted to cats and dogs 🙂


Simge İlseven

I am sophomore in Psychology. As soon as I took a cognitive psychology class I knew that I want to do something in this area and memory is especially interesting for me. It’s my first year in KURAM lab and I am so excited to work here! Also, I like to spend my time with painting or sailing. Whenever I find the chance, I would like to find a dog to pet 😉

Sude Zeynep Karataş

I am a moleculer biology and genetics student. I want to specialize in cognitive neuropsychology. I am also very interested in neuroaesthetics. I hope to learn a lot from KURAM.



Figen Kırkgöz

I am junior psychology and business administration student. I’m interested in both developmental and cognitive psychology; specifically in working memory and social development. I have been working in KURAM since last semester. Hoping to gain a broader perspective about these topics as I‘m working in KURAM. Also I love capturing the moment and writing! 🙂.

Melisa Kocabaş


I am a senior psychology student who wishes to pursue a masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. I wanted to be a part of KURAM to gain insights about human memory and our perceptions and narratives. I enjoy almost all kinds of sports although outdoor ones are my favorite. I occasionally find the inspiration to attend some trail running competitions and I really enjoy that. Lastly, my best leisure time activity is to spend time with my cat

Kevser Köksal

“I graduated from Istanbul Şehir University in 2019 with a BA degree in Psychology holding a High Honour Degree. During my undergraduate studies, I took cognitive psychology and human memory courses which peaked my interest in research, then I leaned towards being a research assistant at Istanbul Şehir University, Cognitive Psychology and Neurotechnology Lab. After graduation, I decided to take a gap year and be more involved in research to be able to understand exactly what I want for graduate studies. Supposing and hoping that it will be something related to cognitive psychology and/or cognitive neuroscience just because I realized that I am in love with our tremendous brain and its mechanisms. KURAM will be an excellent experience to expand my skills and knowledge about applied memory research and I am really excited about being a part of this team. Travelling, kickboxing, cooking, and exploring are some of my hobbies. I love discovering strange places and streets that I have never been before, walking without a destination in mind, sometimes even getting lost. I do adore cats as well.”


Damla Kuleli

I am a junior psychology student. This is my first experience in the KURAM lab and I am very excited about it. Learning about the way our brains work is always challenging for me since that is the reason why I started to study psychology. Thus I want to pursue a career in clinical psychology. I believe my contribution for any kind of research in this lab would broaden my vision. Besides psychology, I love animals and I like spending time with my cat. Also, I am interested in winter sports and I like travelling around the world and seeing different cultures.

Sena Pişkin

I am a freshman psychology student in Koç University. This is my first year in KURAM. I am interested in psychology a lot and I want to learn so many things about it. I am really happy about being a member of this lab. In addition to psychology; I like art, reading and traveling..

İrem Timur

I am a junior psychology student. I am still uncertain about which field of psychology that I will choose. I hope that by graduation I will know where I want my career to head. This is my first year in KURAM and I am so excited to be a part of this team since I am really interested in memory studies. Besides psychology, I love traveling, eating and trying new things


Elif Özgür

I am an enthusiast about human cognition, with specific interest in memory and music cognition. Currently doing an ‘academic’ gap year, in which I aim to improve my research skills and increase my knowledge about statistics and research design. I have a specific interest in childhood memories and how they interact with our character development. I am also quite interested in theory of mind and the mental trajectories that children follow up until they become adults. So, the role of memory in our mental development is also undeniably salient. Thus, I aim to explore memory from both a developmental psychology perspective and hopefully will include music into my research soon!

Hilal Öztürk

I am a senior. My major is Philosophy, and I make a double major with Psychology. After taking a memory class, I decided to join KURAM. It is my first term. I am interested in memory and language. Also, I like to read about feminism and gender equality. I have played chess for many years, very actively. Now I like to follow chess events and try to understand this game based on my academic majors. Also, I dance since when I came to Koç.